Kelly Krobth 2/6/2015 - "I have been into the
shop with my boyfriend twice while Gary is doing
huge cover-ups on him. Gary's work is top notch
and his attitude is fantastic. No cockiness, no
ego. He listens to what the client wants and
approaches each tattoo exactly as what it is....a
commissioned piece of art!! My appointment is
already set and I am extremely excited to be
getting some of his work!!"
Isiah Manns-Atkinson 1/24/2016 -
"Gary does the best work in this
business by far! Very detailed work!
You can tell he puts heart and pride
into every tattoo he does! And to top it
off, it's the cleanest shop around. I
ly recommend Gary!"

Ben Neubauer 1/24/2016 - "Gary is my
Tattoo artist who I trust and feel
comfortable with. Great individual who
cares about his customers, new and
Eric Montanari 4/7/2015 -" It's the
cleanest tattoo place I've been to and the
people are friendly , I'd recommend this
place to every one"
Kerry Anthony-Ozdinec 4/15/2015 -
"Gary is awesome! He fixed an awful
tattoo I got somewhere else. I can't
thank him enough!"
Shaii Scene 11/14/2013 - "Not a
cleaner, more reasonably priced, more
talent-filled business in the Valley! I
recommend Skin Flix to everyone
looking to be tattooed. My family and
friends choose no other place to get
ink. I would give a thousand stars, if I
could. Definitely worth your time and
money. You can trust their skill, talent,
and all-around practices to give you
the best quality work for your dollar.
Thumbs up!"
Stacey Sullivan Ahner 4/5/2015 -
"Excellent! Very Clean! Top Notch
Work! The only place my husband will
get tattooed!"
Tammie Nonnemacher 1/24/2016 -
"The best ink I have ever seen!!! I
guess it's name speaks for
itself...don't c any other inlets
around this long!!!"
Cindy Wanamaker 1/24/2016 - "Gary
did my first tattoo. I was really nervous
about it but he put me really put me at
ease and I had a great experience.
And he does amazing work! I won't go
anywhere else for my future tattoos."
Walter Boyle 4/17/2015 - "The best. A
clean, professional, friendly shop.
Great artists, great people."
Amanda Anne 7/27/2013 - Got another
tattoo by Gary. He is easily one of the
best in the business. If you want an
amazing tattoo at a reasonable price,
Skin Flix is the place to go!
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